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Once there was a girl who wanted to show the world that she didn't want to be "just the girl next door". She began to sing and people started to get interested in her and her music and gave her the chance to prove herself. The lucky girl so happens to be me and the people I've been so fortunate to know and would love to thank are...

...Mom and Lilly - bin immer bei euch!! Schorze du entgeile Sau und Jens. Danke für alles! Kevin, Sebi, Marvin, ihr rockt! Zeljko, Pedro i Franjo.. hvala! Den Jungs von iO, ihr seid einfach genial! Den Bloodhounds; H-Blockx; Es gibt nur einen Gott - BelaFarinRod, ihr seid der Hammer! Anis du Sau ;-) Hau rein! Direc Dreykluft for inspiring me, thanx! Air Jordan, Thomas S. und Daniel -haha-, Peter und die Kju Jungs, der Immer-zur-Stelle-Bert, Sören, Joda, Afam, Billy, Jessi R., Alex, Kort Pornstar, Thomas, Lars, Alberto, Bertil, Trentini und Pinelli, danke für die geilen Records! Stackman, Clemens, Artemis, Dirk, Jan, Prent das brennt! Aga, weil du immer für mich da warst, als alles verloren schien!! Rachel, Todd, Gumba (Yo! ;-), Mario, der Bande, Björn, Contra Profis, Friedel, Bornemanns, Le Schelp, meiner getränkten Crew, typo, P.O.D., GUN, BMG, RCA, g-sussindutries, Horus und Trixx... Danke für alles, ihr seid mein Leben!!
Of course I want to thank everyone else for supporting me whenever you were able to!! :-) I really hope that you all remember about my love!! Damn, I just wanna hug the whole world and it really makes me cry inside becuz within I know that I will never have the chance to be there for you all but I really try to be.. I'd like to thank you for always being there for me whenever I needed you. It's so amazing, I can't describe the feelings, you just have to live these moments on your own for knowing what I can't explain!! ...

Love, Sandra


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